DC software engineers embrace consumer products, cloud data, AI, and Machine Learning.

In Survey of 150 Engineers, Blockchain and Government Services take a back seat to Cloud and AI

We asked 150 software engineers what programming languages or other tech tools they are most excited to learn next. Their answers hint at a more consumer-product oriented future for DC tech.

There are few industries that attract more lifelong learners than software engineering. Don’t believe me? Check out a DC Python Meetup. DC’s programming Meetups can attract hundreds of engineers — all eager to spend a weeknight learning more about coding.

What new programming language, topic, or other tech tool are you most excited to learn in the next year?

When we first asked the question, I thought blockchain might be a top answer. Up until recently, “blockchain” was the trendiest catchphrase in Silicon Valley and the techiest catchphrase on Wallstreet. It seemed as though everyone wanted to figure out what the blockchain was and how they could do it too. Instead, only 4 engineers mentioned it.

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